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All our services have the same price and are paid directly by the customer - we do not have contracts with insurance companies (you do not need a doctor's refferal for booking a therapy).

Individual physiotherapy

50-60 min

1200 Kč

Payment is currently possible either online by card or Apple/Google Pay when making a reservation or in cash on the spot (for cash payment, choose the payment method when booking: "Na místě")

Application of physical therapy, taping and other procedures commonly used in therapy are already included in the price.

If you cannot arrive for the agreed therapy, it is necessary to cancel your visit as soon as possible so that we can offer the appointment to someone else. Cancel the appointment using the reservation system (detailed instructions can be found in the FAQ section), by SMS, email ( or by phone. In the event of a late apology, we proceed according to our CANCELLATION CONDITIONS.

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